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TTT BOD Minutes 10/12/2013


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TTT Meeting Minutes for October 12th, 2013

James Dean recording minutes, standing in for our sick secretary, Mr. Rob Dallas.

James Anderson called meeting to order at 09:20 AM, CST


Present: James Anderson, Clark Harlow, Tim Cocker, Dan Shell, James Dean, Michael Bradford, Rick Jacob, Kenny Sandifer (8)

TTT Members present: Marco Weber (1)

BOD Absent: Rob Dallas, Ollie Gregory, Channing Kilgore, Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, Robin Castle, Roger Tubbs (7)

Meeting Minutes from October accepted as posted.

Treasury Report:

Michael Bradford will publish the report soon, just got into town and has not been to the bank yet. Lots of money in the box, several apps in the box.


Dan Shell - IRT PG, had a discussion with a USHPA Executive Directory Martin Palmaz, who advised that we could, as far as USHPA is concerned, establish a non-voting membership classification if there is no legal barrier in state law. Michael Bradford stated that he read the TN state law and does not believe that there is a conflict with the law and the action of creating a non-voting membership classification. The question: Does TN state law prohibit or restrict membership classes within a club? USHPA does not have a problem with the club creating a class of pilots that does not have voting privileges. USHPA has no problem with existing reciprocal agreements between clubs allowing access to launch/landing facilities.

Dan has a feeling that the status quo is working, and that this will become a non-issue.

Dan’s summary of the report is that he sees no problem with the existing by-laws, USHPA sees no problem with the by-laws, and his recommendation is that the by-laws are not changed or updated at this time.

Discussion ensues, no actions slated.

Old Business:

Clark: Mowing - the field needs to be mowed soon, some grass is 9’ tall. Several people were going to talk about getting hay removed, but not done yet.

Rick Jacob arrived 09:38 CST.

Discussion… mowing issue is not pressing, but Clark will call Kathy Lee (who had already made some progress on this issue) to get the hay/mowing resolved. If Kathy can’t help, Clark will pass the issue on to Rick.

New Business:

Christmas party - New China Buffet, 15235 Rankin Avenue, Dunlap TN. (423) 949-1101, private room for 30-35. Must call them the day before. December 14, 2013.

Election committee - Dan Shell voiced a legitimate concern that we are not engaging the membership properly. Survey posted, email sent, and website updated. James Dean will take the existing ballot, have it printed and mailed to the existing, active membership.

Membership Report:

115 active members according to the website. A few applications were in the Henson box, Whitwell box still needs to be checked.

Kenny Sandifer arrived late, 10:10 CST.

Clark called vote to adjourn @10:11 CST, Tim Cocker seconded, meeting adjourned.