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TTT BOD Minutes 10/12/2013


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TTT Meeting Minutes for October 12th, 2013

Secretary Rob Dallas reporting. Meeting Called to order at 0915 hrs with a quick prayer.


Present: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Robin Castle, Tim Cocker, Rob Dallas, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Channing Kilgore, Steve & Kathy Lee, Dan Shell, Kenny Sandifer, Roger Tubbs (14)

TTT Members present: Tim Conover, Buddy Cutts, Colin Hodson, Clell Logan and Mr. Mike Nash

BOD Absent: James Dean (1)

Motion made to accept the August meeting minutes as posted on BOD Confidential. Seconded & passed by majority.

OLD BUSINESS: Scooter tow Rick and Roger discussed a new scooter tow rig donated by Louis.

Committee Reports: Treasury: MB reports we have $13,121.53, CD $64,223.69, Paypal <$1000.

Website: No report.

Safety & PG: Rick reported. A second set of climbing gear is needed in the Whitwell rescue box. Ollie to ask Dustin if he could donate another set.

History: Tim Cocker reports that his very nearly complete collection of Glider Rider & Hang Gliding magazines. He invited anyone interested in perusing them to contact him.

Maintenance: Clark reported things are in good shape. There's a glut of hay this year and we may have to pay to cut our approximately 30 acres. Discussion.

Awards: Get your flights submitted to Kathy Lee. TTT of the year : nominations for James Dean and Eric Carden.

Competition: Ollie reported the great results of the 2013 Team Challenge. Despite the smaller size of Team Challenge, the Club did not lose money thanks to all the volunteerism. The weather was great and the flying outstanding, and the seminars rocked!

Social Committee: Discussion on an Oktoberfest party. Rob Dallas invited the TTT to his 50th B-day party at LMFP LZ on October 19th, 7 pm Eastern. TTT to combine Oktoberfest with Rob's B-day party.

Bylaws: Dan Shell reports on the possible bylaws revision regarding PG membership. Dan has contacted USHPA and they need more time to put the question before Committee. Dan hasn't received many written opinions from the BOD to date. Dan to continue to collect written opinions and USHPA input with the intent to put a proposed PG membership referendum before the TTT membership in the near future.

Mike Nash (one of the TTT Founding Fathers) discussed the possibility of placing the TTT launch land in the same Tennessee Land Trust that the TTT LZ land is currently in via amendment. Discussion. The trust amendment would specifically deem the ramp as a hang glider launch. There would be legal costs involved. Mike to research and see if this is feasible. Seconded and passed unanimously.

Mr. Nash also pointed out that the reason paraglider pilots were not included in the original TTT bylaws was simply because paragliders had not yet been invented. Had they been around he feels that they most certainly would have been included in the TTT club.

Membership is currently 106 with a few applications still in the hopper.

Nominations for next year's BOD

All current BOD members except Roger Tubbs are willing to volunteer to serve again next year. In addition, Buddy Cutts, Barry Klein, and Eric Carden are willing to run. There will also be a write-in slot. Ballots will be same as last year via survey monkey with notification via e-mail, TTT Website, & Flymail. Like last year we plan NO snail mail ballots.

Favorite Neighbor Gifts: Rick and Michael volunteered to take care of our gifts and personal visits this year.

Other Business:Rick made a motion to formally approve Kip Martin's Tandem privilege request. Seconded. Discussion. Passed unanimously.

Other Business:Temporary committee set up by the President to approve Tandem privileges between meetings. Motion seconded and passed unanimously.

Next Meeting November 9th 2013.

Motion to adjourn at 1050 hrs. Seconded & passed.