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TTT BOD Minutes 4/12/2014


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 TTT BOD Meeting Minutes April 12, 2014

Meeting called to order at 0915 hrs.         

Present :  James Anderson, Michael Bradford,  Eric Carden (via Wiggio conference call), Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacobs, Robin Kastle, Barry Klein, Kathy Lee, and Dan Shell (12)

Absent:  James Dean, Ollie Gregory, Steve Lee (3)

Members Present:  Kenny Sandifer, Bill Colvin

Committee Reports:

Treasury: All is well.  Approximately $6,000 (1/2 the annual checking account) was deposited into the Whitwell LZ fund this year. 

Land trust status discussed.  Mr. Werner has completed his contractual obligations to place his land adjacent to the TTT LZ in trust. 

Current CD returns & future options discussed.   

Safety:  Rick has no hang glider related safety issues to report.  The serious experienced PG accident with injury last week discussed.  Thankfully, the accident pilot is expected to make a full recovery.

Windsocks are all up and indicating properly.

History: Tim Cocker reported TTT Honorary BOD member Dick Heckman won the USHPA 2014 Presidential Citation award.   Congratulations Mr. Heckman.  Tim also discussed the possibility of creating & selling a photo calendar with historical hang gliding photos.

PR: Dan Shell briefed us on TTT presence at Valley Fest.  Volunteer signup sheet was passed around.  Southern Paraglider Pilots are kicking in $350 toward expenses & landing awards.  First Baptist church has volunteered their large screen Monitor. 

Competition:  It’s time to get 2014 Team Challenge signup set up.  MB volunteered to look into it.  

Membership:  126 active members (four new apps in process). 

Scooter Tow:  Discussion.

IT:  Rob presented the equipment to allow telepresence in the BOD meetings consisting of a box containing a NetTalk Voip adapter and a Polycom conference phone.  Discussion.   

Old Business: 

Whitwell LZ: Discussion. 

LZ vandalism: Discussed options to repair existing ruts & actions (or inactions) to prevent future damage.  Kathy Lee volunteered to buy & install one or more “This Area Is Under  Video Surveillance” signs to post in the LZ.   Motion made & passed (10 For).  Clark made motion to spend $150 on a game cam.  Clark to research (?).

New Business:   

Mayhem Plans:  Memorial Day W/E May 31.  Discussion.  Plan to discuss further at next meeting.

Motion made, seconded & passed to hold the next BOD Meeting May 17, 2014 which is the THIRD w/e in May. 

Motion made seconded & passed to accept March meeting minutes as published on the website. 

Discussion on BOD membership and the definition of attendance.       

Per the bylaws and current attendance record, motion made to accept the resignation of Eric Carden.  Zero votes for.   

Per the bylaws and current attendance record, motion made to accept the resignation of Ollie Gregory.  Zero votes for.

Motion made to adjourn, seconded and passed 11:25am. 


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