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TTT BOD Minutes 12/13/2014


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 Tennessee Tree Toppers Meeting Minutes

December 13, 2014 Rev A

Rob Dallas, TTT Secretary reporting

Meeting called to order at about 0930 hrs CST

BOD Members Present:  James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Eric Carden (telecon), Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee, Kenny Sandifer, Dan Shell  (14 Present)

BOD Members Absent:  Barry Klein

Members Present:  Channing Kilgore, Marco Weber

Guests Present:  Betty Lee

Committee Reports

Treasury report:  Michael B reported that all is well with our TTT finances.  Welcome to new Life Member Mr. Wesley Johnson.

Bylaws & Social: Dan reported about Christmas party plans this evening.  Ari's Harbor Light Restaurant, 9718 Hixson Pike, Soddy Daisy 7pm Eastern.

Competition:   Ollie reports that Team Challenge 2015 date has move to Aug 16-22 due various other competition date conflicts. 

History/Archives: Tim Cocker reported that he has very nearly collected every issue of every hang gliding periodical since the dawn of hang gliding.

Safety:  Welcome back from Nepal Rick!  Clark reported on a recent landing incident at Henson Gap. 

Membership:  Buddy reported that we currently show 134 members on website.

Maintenance:  Clark reported that the recent tree felling that has been discussed on Yahoo BODConfidential was overall a good thing.  There is still one tree left overhanging the clubhouse power line.    There is a procedural issue that needs to be emphasized with the membership regarding making sure the BOD Maintenance Committee approves of any major changes to our site.  Scribbler volunteered to put out a missive to that effect.  The volunteerism is greatly appreciated! 

Kathy brought up the idea of burying the Clubhouse power line.  Discussion.

Awards: Kathy has no reports of epic flights this year.  Pilots have made it to LMFP several times but no major XC flights to award.


PG Committee:  No report.

Last month’s draft meeting minutes were accepted as published on our website. 

Rob D, Election Committee Chair reported that after tallying 48 votes the 2015 TTT Board of Directors are as follows:

James Anderson (I)

Michael Bradford (I)

Eric Carden (I)

Tim Cocker (I)

Buddy Cutts (I)

Rob Dallas (I)

Eric Grabowski

Ollie Gregory (I)

Clark Harlow (I)

Bryson Harper

Rick Jacob (I)

Lucas Ridley

Kenny Sandifer (I)

Dan Shell (I)

Marco Weber

The winner of our prestigous 2014 Tree Topper of the Year Award goes to:

Ollie Gregory

Old Business:

Whitwell LZ discussed.

Favorite Neighbor Gifts:  Need volunteers to deliver. 

Scooter Tow:  TTT friend and SPP member Tom Phillips has volunteered to refurb the club’s scooter tow rig.  Discussion.

New Business

Channing brought up a new pilot mentoring program.  Discussion.

Next meeting will be in January 10, 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 am.


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