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TTT BOD Minutes 2/08/2014


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TTT BOD Meeting Minutes February 08,2014


Steve Lee led a prayer and then called the meeting to order at 9:25 am.


BOD Members Present: Barry Klein, James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Eric Carden (via skype) Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, James Dean, Clark Harlow, Robin Kastle, Kathy Lee,  Steve Lee, and Dan Shell (13)

BOD Members Absent: Ollie Gregory, Rick Jacobs (2)

TTT Members & Guests Present:  Kenny Sandifer, Clell Logan, Barbara Lee (Steve’s Mother)

2014 Officer Elections: 

President Nominations: Rob Dallas, James Anderson  

TTT President:  James Anderson

Vice President Nominations:  Buddy Cutts  

TTT Vice President: Buddy Cutts

Secretary Nominations:  Rob Dallas

TTT Secretary:  Rob Dallas

Treasurer Nominations:  Michael Bradford

TTT Treasurer:  Michael Bradford

Breakfast Break- Thanks to Dan Shell for providing & cooking.

Committee Positions:

Maintenance:  Clark Harlow

Safety:  Rick Jacob

Paraglider:  Rick Jacob

Competition:  Ollie Gregory

History:  Tim Cocker

Bylaws:  Dan Shell

Awards:  Kathy Lee

Kathy also reported three personally embroidered down jackets were awarded last year for flights from Henson Gap: Gary Thompson 85 miles, Greg Heckman 78 mi, Dean Funk 56 Miles.

Membership:  Buddy Cutts

Webmaster:  James Dean primary with Buddy maintaining the current website until the new one is ready to go live.

Social:  No volunteers

Public Relations: Dan Shell.  He also briefed us on Valley Fest and how important it is to participate this year.  

Old Business:

WW LZ. No news.

Getting Henson Launch into a land trust.  No news.

LZ Hay: No news. 

New Business:

Rob D volunteered to set up an informal telecon Meeting March 1 as a technology demonstrator teleconference.    Depending on outcome the March 1 meeting the March 8 BOD meeting format (telecon or in-person or both) will be announced.

Vote: 12 For, motion carries. 

Paragliding membership issue.  Should we ask the membership how they feel about paraglider pilots joining the TTT?   Discussion. 

PR Chairman tasked with contacting News Channel 9 to ask for a correction to the news story about a recent paraglider blown launch that was incorrectly reported as having launched from the TTT property.

Motion made to table the Paraglider TTT membership discussion & leave things as they are for this year.  Vote: 8 For, motion carries.

Committee Reports:

Membership:  Buddy reported that we have 122 current members per the website.   Buddy & James volunteered to go check the WW lock box after this meeting.  Windsock also needs replacing.

Treasury: MB reports that we have in excess on 12k in cash.  Before taxes, land trust donation commitments & misc other expenses.  Clark made motion to retire the land trust commitment in whole this year rather than making partial payments as has been done in the past.  Seconded.  Discussion.  Approx $2500.  Vote: 12 for, motion carries. 

MB to research moving the LZ fund out of CDs and into a better investment vehicle.  No objections raised.

USHPA Insurance fee increased this year by about $100. 

Competition Committee: 2014 TC dates discussed.  Tentatively set for Sunday Aug 24 to Sat Aug 30.

History:  Tim Cocker is working to collect all the past TTT Branches Newsletters.

New Business:

Dan Shell reported that Valley Fest is May 3rd & 4th 2014 & discussed plans for a TTT presence there.  Last year happened to occur on an exceptionally good XC day and most pilots buggered off down the ridge rather than land at Valley Fest.  Free admission for any pilots that land in the designated LZ.  Food?  Beverages?  TTT Prize Money?  PR Committee to flesh out the details. 

Motion to Adjourn 11:15 am.



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