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TTT BOD Minutes 7/12/2014


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Tennessee Tree Toppers July Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 9:20 hrs by Rob Dallas, Secretary/Scribe.         

Present :  Michael Bradford,  Rob Dallas, Eric Carden (via telecon), Barry Klein, Ollie Gregory,  Steve Lee (via telecon) , Kathy Lee, Dan Shell (telecon), Clark Harlow (better late than never), (9) 

Absent:  James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Tim Cocker, Robin Kastle, Rick Jacob, (5)

Members Present:  Tim Conover, Kenny Sandifer

Committee Reports:

PR:  Rob read Dan Shell’s recent e-mail re 4th of July parade kudos to Michael Bradford, Clark Harlow.  Great effort by Dan keeping the TTT’s public image positive and engaged.

Treasury:  MB reported finances are in about the same fine shape as last month save about $800 for LZ mowing.    Entire LZ mowing is now complete.  Funds are coming in from TC signups.  LZ fund: Advice received to not move club cash savings into bonds or the market at the current time.  Discussion. 

Competition: Ollie reported that he submitted a blurb to Davis Straub’s Oz Report.  Discussion.

LZ security: Discussed the option of closing/gating Davis Loop Road and what that would entail.  It’s a County road so all landowners would have to agree to it.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40  (new speed record??)




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