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TTT BOD Minutes 6/14/2014


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DRAFT V1 TTT BOD Meeting Minutes June 14, 2014


Meeting called to order at 0915 hrs.         

Present :  James Anderson, Michael Bradford (via conference call),  Eric Carden (via conference call),

Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Rick Jacobs, Barry Klein, Ollie Gregory, Dan Shell, Clark Harlow (late) (10)

Absent:  Tim Cocker, James Dean (who has officially resigned this month), Robin Kastle, Steve Lee, Kathy Lee, (5)

Members Present:  Alvin

Committee Reports:

Treasury:  MB reported (via cell phone-conference call) that all is well.  Approximately $11,795 checking, $1,490 in Paypal, $6,000 (1/2 the annual checking account) was deposited into the Whitwell LZ fund this year.  $70,416 in CD.   Investment account income to be set up & the CD rolled in.  

PR:  Dan Shell discussed the Dunlap 4th of July Parade preparations for a TTT float in the parade.   Signup sheet is on TTT website.

Safety:  Rick had no safety issues to report. 

History:  No report

Competition:  2014 Team Challenge.  Ollie reported on current status.  Registration is now open & active.  TC 2014 is posted on the USHPA online calendar of events.  Ollie took an action to ask Davis to post an announcement on The Oz Report.

Membership:  126 active members. 

Meeting Minutes  from last month were read aloud & accepted as is (unanimous)

Maintenance, LZ Vandalism:  MB proposed a TTT capital improvement project including running power, water & a building a bathhouse in the LZ along the tree line (in camping area) in the form of two storage containers.   Notional budget of approximately $8000.  The power installation cost would be minimal since there are already lines nearby but it would result in a new power bill.  Power and a tall pole would allow a quality security camera installation.  Containers would provide glider storage to members.  Discussion.

Perimeter ditch option discussed. 

Perimeter post & cable option discussed.

Game cam discussed.  Ollie volunteered his game cam & Clark volunteered to put it up.

Discussion about asking the county to make Davis Loop into a gated road. 

Maintenance, LZ Mowing:  It’s long overdue so it’s going to require a bushhog.  Extensive discussion.    

PR:  Dan discussed TTT banners.  $400 budget proposed.   

New Business:   

James Dean resigned from the BOD this month due to family obligations.  The BOD accepted voted & passed.  Replacement candidates discussed. 

Two trailers parked at launch discussed.   

Reviewed the attendance record and no action is required at this time.

Motion made to adjourn, seconded and passed 11:30am. 

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