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TTT BOD Minutes 3/08/2014


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Tennessee Tree Toppers BOD Meeting Minutes, March 8, 2014


Meeting called to order at 0915


BOD Members Present: Barry Klein, James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Eric Carden (via wiggio on Rob’s ipod touch), Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacobs, Robin Kastle, and Dan Shell (10)

BOD Members Absent: Tim Cocker, James Dean, Ollie Gregory, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee (5)

TTT Members & Guests Present:  Mark Healey, Clell Logan, Marco Weber,

Rob D attempted to set up NetTalk long distance and a Polycom conference phone in the clubhouse to enable conference call-ability using Wiggio for BOD meetings. 

Committee Reports:

PR: Dan Shell reported that Valley Fest is May 3rd & 4th 2014 Hours are Sat 9-9 Sun 12-5pm.  Discussed plans for a TTT presence there.   Free Valley Fest admission for any pilots that land in the designated LZ.  Prizes: $50 for first five landings ($250 total) & $50 for closest landing to the designated spot.

We need TTT volunteers to staff the booth at Valley Fest esp Friday.    

PR Committee requested a Budget line item of $500 for all Valley Fest expenses.  Motion made to authorize.  Seconded & Passed. 

Dan to write up a blurb for Flymail.  Rob to cross post to FB.  Buddy to post to website.

 Safety: Rick reported. Discussion. 

Membership:  Buddy reported 127 current members per the website.  

Treasury:  MB reports no change to last month’s finances.   

Michael Bradford made a motion to update the TTT’s second signer bank account name to reflect the new President James Anderson and remove former President  Steve Lee.  Motion seconded and passed.

Old Business:

WW LZ. No news.

Getting Henson Launch into a land trust.  No news.    Discussion. 

LZ Hay: No news. 

Retire the land trust commitment in whole this year (rather than making partial payments as has been done in the past).      

MB to research moving the LZ fund out of CDs and into a better investment vehicle. 

Competition Committee: 2014 Team Challenge dates: September 28th through October 4th.

Secretary to coordinate with Ollie about submiting to USHPA.

History:  No report.

New Business

LZ vandalism- preventing idiots from doing doughnuts in our LZ.  Clark volunteered to form a committee to come up with a plan.  Rick volunteered to help.  Discussion. 

Scooter Tow Committee: Discussion.  Motion made for a $1000 budget to set up a tow clinic led by a professional.   Seconded.  Motion passed.   

Reminder: Last person out of Henson

Motion to Adjourn seconded & passed 10:25am.


Next Meeting April 12, 2014


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