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TTT BOD Minutes 5/17/2014


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 TTT BOD Meeting Minutes May 17, 2014

Meeting called to order at 9:15 CDT         

Present :  James Anderson, Michael Bradford,  Eric Carden (via Wiggio conference call), Buddy Cutts,  Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, and Dan Shell

Absent: Tim Cocker, Rob Dallas, James Dean, Ollie Gregory, Robin Kastle, Barry Klein, Kathy Lee, and Steve Lee.

Visitors Present:  David Hanning

Rick brought up the fact that the grass at Whitwell launch needs mowing. The Bashams are no longer able to do it. (Discussion)

Dan presented awards for those that assisted with Valley Fest. Valley Fest was a big success.

Dan made a speech about polling the board members prior to a scheduled meeting.

Discussion about Mayhem and the 4th of July parade

Motion made to adjourn, seconded and passed 9:50 CDT. 



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