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TTT BOD Minutes 11/08/2014


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 Tennessee Tree Toppers Meeting Minutes

November 8, 2014

Rob Dallas, TTT Secretary reporting


Meeting called to order at 0920 hrs CST

BOD Members Present:  James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Eric Carden (telecon), Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas (Telecon), Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Barry Klein, Kenny Sandifer, Dan Shell: (11 Total)

BOD Members Absent:  Rick Jacob, Robin Kastle, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee: (4 Total)

Members Present:  Tyson Richmond, Marco Weber

Guests Present:  Jackson Shell

October Meeting Minutes were read aloud & accepted after some minor spelling corrections. 

Committee Reports:

Treasury:  MB reports all is well with TTT finances.

Safety:  No report.

Membership:  Buddy reported that we currently show 135 members on website.

Competition:    Ollie reports that Team Challenge 2015 date has move to Aug 16-22 due various other competition date conflicts.  Feedback from 2014 participants discussed.

Maintenance:  Clark contacted the power company about the trees threatening the clubhouse power lines.  Our Florida contingent (Rocket Man & company) installed a proper electric power outlet outside bath house to serve the club fridge among many other tasks.  Thank you!

Clark also contacted the LP Company about changing our very large tank to a small one placed inside the utility room. 

Winterizing the bathhouse discussed.

PG Committee:  No report. 

Bylaws:  No report.

History:  No report.


Old Business:

Whitwell LZ discussed.

BOD Nominations: 

Final List of 2015 BOD nominations: 

Incumbents: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Eric Carden, Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Kenny Sandifer, Dan Shell  Rick Jacob, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee

Members volunteering to serve on the BOD in 2015:

Tom Dwelley

Lucas Ridley

Eric Grabowski

Bryson Harper

Wesley Johnson

Marco Weber

TTTer of the Year Nominations:

Eric Carden for Team Challenge volunteerism.

Buddy Cutts for website maintenance.

The Florida Group: David Sweigart aka “Rocket Man”, Roger, Tyson Richmond, and DoraLisa Sherrod aka “Choddy” for a multitude of volunteerism before, during, and after Team Challenge.

Ollie Gregory because Team Challenge would not be Team Challenge without his expert volunteerism again this year.

Wes Johnson for his great volunteer effort clearing various trees below our launches.

Dan Shell for volunteering to spearhead the very successful 2014 Dunlap Valley Fest community outreach effort.

Marco Weber


Rob volunteered to finalize the annual ballot verbiage & handle the online Surveymonkey ballot (same basic format as last year), and tally the votes both electronic and otherwise. 

Ollie volunteered to print & snail-mail paper ballots to the membership.   Michael pointed out that the membership address database is very out of date.


Pros & Cons of allowing Paraglider pilots to become members of the TTT discussed.

{Note: Secretary Rob Dallas had to sign off the telecon at this point 10:12 CST.  Thanks to Tim Cocker for taking the following notes}

Discussion ensues on SPP merge (potential) with TTT.

Point- facility membership ($50?) vs. full TTT membership.

Clark brings up Whitwell launch lease renewal coming up.

MB- opportunity to decide outcome goes away by 2016.  Comes down to “do we want to control all launches” or keep all separate.

DS suggests legal control of all real estate- MB says that’s what it’s been about all along.

Tyson promotes idea of facility charge allowing total control of current property by TTT.

Ollie wants to be able to manage/control properties.

MB points out this issue should be membership wide referendum

Kenny brings up liability issues.

More Old Business- Marco brings up vandalism issue- Clark points out this horse has been beat to death.

Dan Shell brought up that Aris’ Harborlights Restaurant wants menu recommendations for Christmas party menu- discussion-

New Business

Buddy Cutts- How do we count attendance – discussion

MB got property tax notices.

Marco- Christmas presents for landowners: Hudson, Kastle, Rescue Squad, Bashim, Standifer, Dr. Dale McCartney, Galloway, Church.

Next meeting at clubhouse Dec 13 in AM, dinner that night.

Adjourn 10:50



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