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TTT BOD Minutes 10/11/2014


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TTT Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2014

Rob Dallas, TTT Secretary reporting


Meeting called to order at 0930 hrs CDT

Attendance:  James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts (Telecon), Rob Dallas (Telecon), Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Rick Jacob, Kenny Sandier, Dan Shell (10)

Absent:  Eric Carden, Robin Kastle, Barry Klein, Kathy Lee, Steve Lee (5)

Members Present: None.

Committee Reports:

Treasury:  MB reported our $2,106 Paypal, $70,416 Sav, $6,439 Chk. 

Safety:  Discussion on recent inadvertent parachute deployment incident after a TTT member launched from Henson Gap.  Discussion on five other recent non-injury incidents involving TTT members.

Rick Reported on the new first aid kits bought for the club. 

Need a new combo lock on Whitwell lock box.

Membership:  Buddy reported that we currently show 133 members on website.

PG Committee:  Rick reported on recent PG activity. 

Competition:    Ollie reported on the successful Team Challenge Week.  All participants felt they received great help with the flying skills during the meet.  Turnout was relatively low (28) compared to years past.  Discussion on plans for next year including the possibility PG participation.

Bylaws: Dan discussed his proposed BOD operating Rules of the road

History: Tim Cocker discussed the possibility of printing a TTT vintage photo calendar.

Maintenance:  Clark discussed the broken mower situation.  Ollie brought up that there are several large trees that could possibly take down the clubhouse power line if they fell.  Clark volunteered to contact the power co-op.  Discussion. 

Discussion on LZ mowing expenses. 

Kenny volunteered to replace a few more deteriorated ramp boards. 

Michael and others discussed the club LP tank options (rent versus buy a new, possibly smaller tank). Clark volunteered to contact the LP gas company for options.

Clark discussed the pros & cons of taking the hay from the LZ (requires expensive fertilizing) versus cutting it and leaving it in place.

Team Challenge Cleanup after the meeting is unnecessary (all finished).

Old Business:

Whitwell LZ:  Discussion.

TTT hang glider and PGer “courtship” discussed.

LZ vandalism issue:  No action.  Discussion.

Scooter tow:  No action. Discussion.

New Business: 

2015 BOD Nominations: Incumbents willing to serve again next year: all present.  No other members have confirmed an interest to serve to date.  Discussion.

Christmas party:  Discussion.  Dan Shell brought up the possibility of holding the Christmas party at the lake.

Draft September meeting minutes accepted as is.

Next Meeting scheduled Sat Nov 8, 2014.

Meeting adjourned at 11:20 CDT



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