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TTT BOD Minutes 9/13/2014


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 TTT Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2014

Rob Dallas Secretary reporting


Meeting called to order at 0910 hrs CDT

Attendance:  James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Eric Carden, Robin Castle, Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Barry Klein, Ollie Gregory, Rick Jacob, Dan Shell, (11)

Absent:  Team Lee, Clark Harlow (3)

Members:  Tim Conover, Kenny Sandier, Eric Grabowski (3)

Committee Reports:

Treasury:  MB Reported Savings: $ 70,416 Checking:  $8464 + $862 yet to deposit.  Two relatively large expenditures coming up for TC and mowing. 

Safety:  Rick Jacob reported that the emergency trails re cleared at Henson & Whitwell.  The ladder at Whitwell was stolen we need another 20’ extension section.  Could not find an emergency first aid kit at Henson.  Rick to order two replacement kits.  Safety Committee recommends not cutting the entire LZ’s 40 acres again until end of the growing season (as opposed to before TC) so save the approximately $1000 club expense.  Discussion.

Membership:  107 (+ Barry) active members currently showing on the website. 

Competition:  26 pilots signed up to date.  Ollie discussed all the details. 

PG Committee:  Rick Jacob reported that more of the Whitwell PG launch bluff line has been cleared and is being launched by hang glider pilots.  It’s a slope launch.  

PR:  Dan Shell gave us a show & tell on the awesome new multi-use TTT banners.    

Maintenance:  Rick Jacob volunteered to bush hog the camp sites & mow.  Post meeting work party discussed.     

Old Business:

Whitwell LZ:  Rick Jacob reported on some possible opportunities.  Discussion.

Scooter tow:  No action. Discussion.

LZ vandalism:  No action.  No new issues.  Discussion.

BOD Membership:  We are one BOD member down.   Kenny Sandifer volunteered to replace Mr James Dean.  Seconded and passed.

BOD membership and the definition of “attendance”.  Discussion.  Dan Shell was volunteered to draft a BOD member Standard Operating Procedure that would define. 

New Business: 

Ollie brought up the missed opportunity to allow PG pilots join the TTT and he feels that great deal of energy, enthusiasm, & income could be a benefit to the TTT.  Barry proposed a membership questionnaire about this ongoing TTT & PG courtship to go out with the BOD voting ballot.  Seconded.  Pros & cons discussed.   Eric Carden volunteered to collect a pros & cons document on the courtship vs marriage business.     

Next Meeting Oct 11, 2014 Agenda:  TC Cleanup, BOD membership nominations.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 CDT


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