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TTT BOD Minutes 4/11/2015


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 April 11, 2015 Tennessee Tree Toppers BOD Meeting Minutes

Rob Dallas, El Presidente Reporting

Meeting called to order at 9:05 CDT


Present: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Eric Carden, Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Tom Dwelley, Bryson Harper, Eric Grabowski, Rick Jacob, Dan Shell, Marco Weber (12)


Absent: Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Lucas Ridley (3)


Members Present: Ann Horgan, Robin Kastle, Clell Logan


March MM’s were read aloud, no revisions, accepted as published.

Old Business:

Bylaws Referendum

-Review status

-Branches: Published & mailed out

-Surveymonkey: Currently active  

-Website: Up to date

-All TTT Members and guests are welcome to attend the TTT Special Meeting at Mayhem Sat May 23rd to voice their opinions on the proposed bylaws referendum.  The following rules will apply:

1) You must contact a BODer to get your name on the list of speakers prior to the start of the meeting.

2) There will be a 5 minute time limit.          

3) Unseemly personal attacks will not be tolerated. 


Referendum ballots (both paper and online) will be received until the band starts Sat May 23rd.  At that time voting will officially close, ballots will be tallied and we will try to announce the results during the first break.



-Doughnut Discouragement: no news

-Clubhouse theft & vandalism: no news

            -Front door closer: present but needs to be installed

             -IP camera: in work


Whitwell FRP

-Any new Instructor apps? No.  This item is tabled.


Club purchase of a wide screen monitor: Michael B has donated a large 28” flat screen for the club’s use.  Thank You Michael!




Valley Fest Sat May 1st and 2nd: Dan has published a list on Flymail of volunteer tasks and items needed to make the TTT’s presence felt during this event.  Please help out with your time!  The SPP is sending the TTT $300 for the Dunlap XC Landing Field Prize money ($50 for the first five landings plus $50 for landing closest to the target).  Thank You SPP!


Mayhem Sat May 23rd: Donations of food & drink are needed for this event.  We have hired the Blue Devils band to play.

Magic Valley Fundraiser: Benefiting the Whitwell Public Library GED program and culminating with a July 4th fly-in.  Proposed that the TTT match the SPP’s donation of $500 to the MVF.  Seconded & Passed.  Individual donations are also welcome.  Details at

Whitwell LZ: Discussion.

Committee Reports:

Awards: Marco- Nothing new 

Bylaws: Dan- Previously discussed (see above)

Competition: Ollie’s E-mail report was read aloud; 

“I am on call. Will be working. Nothing new on TC. Released Lucas' TC promotional video on Oz Report. Good article from Maria Garcia in USHPA. Need video of Clark touch and going on ramp and Elena and Wes top landing at Henson for Oz Report. Maybe a video editing wiz could help pull that together for Davis Straub' Oz Report and again put in a bump bout TC.”

Bryson discussed the meals on wheels options he’s exploring.

History: Tim- No new history to report.

Maintenance: Clark- No report.

Membership: Buddy- 133 members.  Michael and Buddy are working on a very slick online waiver and payment method similar to USHPA’s.  Sneak peak available after the meeting.

Safety & Paragliding: Rick reported on several positive efforts including laying some experimental free felt carpet mulch for Whitwell launch that should keep the adrenalinful weed eating on the down slope to a minimum and provide good traction for launches.

Social Committee: Bryson- see above.

Treasurer & IT: Michael reported that all is well on both fronts.  A detailed Mar 31, 2015 statement was posted later to BODCon- screen shot included below:


New Business:

Tim brought up but could not find an e-mail he received from Dick Heckman regarding Dedication of Assets.  Dick re-sent it later and it is included below for further discussion at the next BOD meeting.

“Here is a paragraph that you should put in your Bylaws:


The properties and assets of this nonprofit corporation are irrevocably dedicated to fulfillment of the Objectives and Purposes of this corporation. No part of the net earnings, properties, or assets of this corporation, on dissolution or otherwise, shall inure to the exclusive benefit of any private person or
individual, or any member or Director of this corporation except in fulfillment of the Objectives and Purposes. On liquidation or dissolution, all properties and assets and obligations shall be distributed pursuant to the nonprofit provisions of the Tennessee Corporations Code then in effect.”

Tim brought up Keel Mtn, a SW flying site near Gurly, AL and management thereof.  Discussion.

Someone (Michael?) brought up that the Flight Regulatory Program and Application documents need a few edits:

1)      “USHGA” corrected to “USHPA”

2)      Remove mention of the “SW Launch” since it is no longer active nor accessible to us.

3)      “**” (required info) should be added to our Application next to “Emergency Contact:”

Rob volunteered to make the changes.

Next Meeting scheduled for May 16, 2015

Meeting Adjourned at 10:30 am CDT



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