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TTT BOD Minutes 8/08/2015


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Tennessee Tree Toppers Board of Directors

{DRAFT} Meeting Minutes For August 8, 2015

Rob Dallas, TTT President reporting

The Meeting was called to order at 0915 hrs CST

BOD Members Present: James Anderson, Michael Bradford, Eric Carden, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas, Tom Dwelley, Eric Grabowski, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow, Bryson Harper, Rick Jacob,and Dan Shell (12)

BOD Members Absent: Tim Cocker, Marco Weber (2)

TTT Members Present: Dick Heckman, Ed Lyon, Curt Patterson, and Kenny Sandifer

Lucas Ridley our Secretary has decided to resign due to a new job in sunny CA. We thank Lucas for his hard work and wish him all the best!

The June 2015 Meeting Minutes were read aloud and accepted as written.

There are currently no outstanding BOD attendance issues.

Kenny Sandifer has once again volunteered to serve on the BOD and he was unanimously voted in to serve for the remainder of the year. Thank you Kenny! This brings the BOD back up to a full compliment of 15.

Old Business:

Rick reported that Mrs. Hudson has some trees that need trimming. Rick has also asked all PG pilots to please stop landing on her property in order to make her life a bit less stressful. Mrs.Hudson is a kind and generous soul and will not hesitate to offer cold drinks and pleasant conversation, but we all need to be considerate and not take advantage of our friend. All PG pilots are now landing at either Castle’s or the Church LZs.

Magic Valley Fundraiser was a huge success with $3660.00 raised which includes a $1000.00 match from the Cloudbase Foundation. A small presentation ceremony is in the planning stages (likely the week of Team Challenge).


Michael pointed out that there will be increased operating costs for any new LZ under consideration (mowing, drainage work, tree removal, etc). Something to keep in mind, but that’s a good problem for a hang gliding and paragliding club to have.

It was pointed out that our friends at the Whitwell City Council have designated some city property out by Hwy 28 as an LZ. Unfortunately, it is an even longer glide than the Church LZ.

The Galloway's have asked that club members call first before landing any powered aircraft on their grass strip because they have animals with issues. No problem landing there, just call first.

Committee Reports:

Finances: Michael reported all is in good shape. July: Up $790.00 with TC fees still coming in.

The much needed Clubhouse Home Improvement Project cost $2532.00. Donations still welcome and thanks to those that have already contributed. The TTT donated $500.00 to the Cloudbase Foundation. $430.00 spent on mowing in July with another estimated $470.00 spent to complete the big mow prior to TC.

IT: Michael reported on the Thursday near miss lightning strike that not only scared The BeJesus out of him, but also roasted about $120.00 worth of club equipment. We were lucky to only lose one of the new web cams. Discussion of a camera security policy.

Competition: Ollie reported on TC status, plans and schemes. Bryson reported on the plans for James & Jean’s food truck for breakfast, lunch and dindin. Bruce Perry has volunteered to be scorekeeper. TC trophys are in work.

Safety/PG: Rick said that windsocks are needed at Whitwell launch, the Church and Castles LZs. SPP is considering dissolving itself. Discussion on taking over management of Bell and Pigeon and what that would entail. Additional USHPA insurance costs around $50.00 per extra site. Would also call for dedicated site committees with an interest in keeping the sites open and flyable. Rick brought up the possibility of an SPP member surcharge to level the cost difference between SPP and TTT membership. That led to a discussion about sunsetting the reciprocal agreement in December.

Maintenance: Clark reported that the total cost to mow the field in prep for TC was $900.00.Huge thanks to Mr. Steve Larsen for all his work on the clubhouse (staining exterior, painting interior, refinishing window trim, etc). Thanks to Rick and Steve for fixing the rocking chair crapper. Punky ramp board way out in front of the red line needs replacement. Discussed annual mowing costs vs buying & maintaining equipment so we can DIY.

PR: Dan reported that this year’s 4th of July TTT glider float effort was a great time from start to finish with a record amount of candy thrown at, er to the spectators. TTT Oktoberfest date set for the 17th. Discussion on combining Oktoberfest with a film festival. Branches newsletter needs an article on TC 2015. Ollie to come up with something. The TTT Christmas Party is planned for Arie’s Harbor Lights Restaurant December 12th.

Membership: Buddy reported 161 members. New website is up and running we now accept cc’s and Paypal. Discussion on the pros and cons of electronic waivers versus paper. Buddy asked if 3 day members have voting privileges. The TTT policy is that 3 day members do not have voting privileges. Buddy asked that printed membership apps be scrutinized for completeness (he’s seeing some incomplete PG student apps).

Quick plan made for the work party to follow immediately after the meeting.

Next Meeting September 12, 2015.

Meeting adjourned at 11:00 CST


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