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TTT BOD Minutes 2/14/2015


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February 14th, 2015 TTT BOD Meeting  Minutes



James Anderson, Buddy Cutts, Eric Carden (telecon)

Michael Bradford, Erik Grabowski, Tim Cocker, Ollie Gregory, Bryson Harper, Rob Dallas, Lucas Ridley, Clark Harlow, Dan Shell, Tom Dwelley, Marco Weber


Member present: Alvin Slatton


Guests: Jackson Shell,


Rob expressed our condolences over the passing of Kit Martin in a snowboarding accident and mentioned a card being sent on behalf of TTT.


Lucas read January minutes Rob motion to accept minutes, Ollie seconded. Passed.


Rob brought up that we did not appoint honorary members last meeting Dick Heckman, Mike Nash, Jim Lamb, Keith Atkins, and Miller Stroud. Rob motion to accept them as honorary members, Ollie seconded. Passed.


Old business


Whitwell LZ fund

The Whitwell city council meeting was pushed back and Lucas wasn’t sure if he could attend the new date. The Magic Valley Fundraiser website is up and able to take donations through the CBF paypal account who will be matching funds up to $1,000.


Bylaw referendum

Dan passed out revisions for BOD to review. No questions. Dan plans to publish the revision in the next issue of Branches. Discussion about how to receive ballots, Rob will set up the survey monkey ballot and include an optional comment section. The ballots will be counted at the close of Mayhem meeting and members who vote must be current TTT members through the voting period. Dan recommends anyone wishing to voice their opinion to do so in the Branches. Dan motions to pass the bylaws revisions, mail ballot, and create survey monkey. Passed unanimously.



Signs warning about camera surveillance have been posted and Clark will post one of them down in the LZ. Discussion about camera being used with Clark’s spotting scope. Tim will bring one of his telescopes to see if that will be beneficial.


Michael reported on the vandalism that occurred. Once pilots were flying the vandals ripped electronics out of the clubhouse. Buddy’s external monitor, one mouse, a desktop computer that was junk anyways, a monitor mount upstairs was destroyed. The worst offence was pulling the ethernet cable out that had been wired through the wall. Michael installed an extra ethernet outlet downstairs and updated the computer downstairs with Windows 7 and admin and member login accounts, and he bought new keyboard and mouse. Marco spoke with the cops when they arrived and a police report was filed.


Rob brought a cypher lock for the clubhouse door. Marco volunteered to supply the auto-closer gizmo. Discussion about camera for the parking lot. Discussion about sign to not block the gate. Ollie makes a motion that we spend not more than $500 to purchase a camera for the clubhouse and a monitor for people to see they’re being filmed, Rob calls this Phase 1 of security. motioned and passed. Michael says he can do monitor and sound for $200, motion and passed. Widescreen tv tabled until security is handled.


Whitwell FRP

Question came over from Matt at LMFP if he can bring H2 pilots to fly Whitwell. Tim read the existing document that allows for this. Discussion. No motions.


Scooter Tow

Discussion about getting a scooter tow session, possibly to happen at Team Challenge. Clark said he’d make some phone calls.


Committee Reports/Budget Requests


Maintenance - $2,000 - wind sock, mow the LZ’s, etc.


Competition - Ollie got a TC announcement on Oz Report, an article has been submitted to the magazine. 30 paraglider pilots are expected with sponsors and mentors, and 44 hang glider pilots with potential top pilots from WW coming. Dan submitted TC for the magazine calendar. Ollie will send Buddy the details so he can get the registration page up. $3,000 for Team Challenge requested.


Treasury - total $3990.16 - since last meeting we’ve received an income $327.17 - expenses $391.42 - which equals $84.34


History - Tim reports what he’s found after being asked about an upcoming article for the magazine - September 1974 was when the Treetoppers became a club. The first Team Challenge was 1989 started by Rick Jacob and Dennis Pagan.


Social - Mayhem is May 30th, Dan will help run it as Bryson will be out of town - Bryson wants to bring back the Octoberfest fly-in the same weekend as that month’s board meeting and requests a budget of $800.


PR - Newsletter $300 budget requested. Valley Fest discussion, $350 budget requested.


New Business


Lucas asked about tandem approval, there’s a form online to submit.


March 14th will be the next meeting.


Adjourned at 11:15am


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