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TTT BOD Minutes 1/10/2015


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Tennessee Tree Toppers Board of Directors

 Meeting Minutes For January 10, 2015 Rev A

Rob Dallas, reporting

Meeting called to order at 0910 hrs CST

BOD Members Present:  James Anderson,  Michael Bradford, Eric Carden (via telecon), Tim Cocker, Buddy Cutts, Rob Dallas (via telecon), Eric Grabowski, Ollie Gregory, Clark Harlow,  Bryson Harper, Rick Jacob, Lucas Ridley, Dan Shell, Marco Weber, Kenny Sandifer (Late)

BOD Members Absent:  None.

Member Present:  Tom Dwelley, James Dean

Guests Present: Sharon Tubbs

James Anderson expressed our Thanks to the club members who delivered the TTT Christmas Favorite Neighbor gifts.  Thanks to Sharon for the warm clubhouse.

Officer Elections:

President Nominations: Rob Dallas & James Anderson.  Rob elected.

Vice President Nominations: James Anderson, Buddy Cutts.  James elected.

Treasurer Nominations: Michael Bradford. Michael elected.

Secretary Nominations: Lucas Ridley.  Lucas elected.

Committee Nominations:  All those present who served last year are willing to continue. 

Social Committee: Bryson Harper.

Awards Committee: Marco Weber. 

Committee Reports:

Competition: Ollie asked for volunteers for TC prep & organization.  Eric Carden, Lucas Ridley, Bryson Harper, Erik Grabowski, Tom Dwelley, Dan Shell & Marco Weber all volunteered to form the 2015 Comp Committee.

Membership:  Buddy reported that we currently show 137 members on our website.

Safety & PG:  Rick Jacob reported on new PG NE slope launch at WW.  Might be ok for HGers too. 

Treasurer:  Michael B reported that all is well with our TTT finances.  As of Jan 10 after  all property taxes and a Preservation Trust payment made and per the bylaws a $6,000 deposit made to to the TTT LZ fund, there is $4,074.50 in Checking & PayPal combined.  The TTT LZ fund now stands at $70,416.65.

Bylaws, Social, & PR: Dan Shell spoke about ValleyFest 2015 and how successful the 4th of July float was this past year.  He needs a wide screen TV, tables, chairs etc for our 2015 presence. 

History/Archives: Tim C reported that the USHPA HG/PG magazine is collecting historic/folkloric photos for an upcoming article.

The “BOD Confidential” discussion group on Yahoo was discussed for the benefit of our new BOD members. 

Kenny S arrived & announced that his plans for the coming year will make it difficult to serve on the BOD so he is choosing to submit his resignation now. 

Ollie nominated Tom Dwelley (present & willing) to take Kenny’s place.  Seconded and passed. 

Maintenance:  Clark H reported on various activities accomplished, planned & in progress.  Asked if there is one item he would like to get done this year it would be to raise the weather station anemometer for more accuracy.  Work party discussed.

December Meeting Minutes Rev A were read aloud by Rob & accepted as is.

Old Business:

Whitwell LZ discussed.  Rick reported on discussion within the Whitwell City Counsel about a possible dedicated PG landing field.  Lucas volunteered to attend the next meeting.

LZ vandalism discussed. An action item was taken by the Maintenance committee.

Scooter Tow:  TTT friend and SPP member Tom Phillips has been working to refurb the club’s scooter tow rig.  Discussion.

TTT & PG courtship discussed.  The TTT bylaws currently do not allow PG members to join.  Should the status quo continue this year or should the bylaws be amended to allow PG pilots to join the TTT?  Some pros & cons were discussed.  The PGers belong to the Southern Paraglider Pilots Club (SPP) are flying in the Sequatchie Valley from sites that are not owned by nor regulated by the TTT.  We currently have a reciprocal agreement to allow SPP PGers to use our facilities but our launches are not generally considered safe for PGers.  Should the TTT take over management of the PG sites?  Should the SPP PGers be charged to use our facilities?  There are fears that eventually PG pilots could outnumber HG pilots and take over the TTT and raid our bank accounts.  Ollie made a motion to form a “Courtship Committee” called the “Sequatchie Valley Free Flight Committee” to make recommendations to the BOD.  Seconded & passed.  Dallas volunteered to chair the committee.  Eric C, Ollie, Eric G, Bryson, Lucas, & Dan volunteered to be on the committee. 

MB made a motion to amend the bylaws to add the words “and Paragliding” to the Bylaws where necessary thus making it possible for PGer pilots to join the TTT.  Seconded. This will require a membership referendum.  The motion passed.    

Ollie made a motion to revise the bylaws to clarify the requirement for USHPA membership to initially join the TTT.  This requires a membership referendum. Discussion Seconded & passed.  It became clear upon bylaws review that this is already a requirement; therefore no action is required on this motion.  Never mind.

Buddy brought up the old issue of what is the definition of BOD “attendance” (does one have to be physically present at the meeting or can teleconference attendance count) and how that presence counts toward a BOD quorum.  Discussion.  Ollie made a motion to count BOD members in attendance via telecon as present and have their vote count toward a quorum. Motion seconded. Passed.

New Business:

Proposed purchase by the Club of a wide screen monitor & DVD player?  There is a clear need: Team Challenge presentations & launch/landing videos could be used during BOD meetings, Valley Fest TTT presence, etc. 

Next Meeting: Saturday February 14th 2015, same bat time & place.  Come prepared to make your Committee budget requests. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 CST.


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