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TTT BOD Minutes 6/13/2015


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June 13 TTT BOD Meeting Minutes (Draft)


VP James Anderson called the meeting to order @ 09:10 Slow Time


In attendance in the clubhouse:



James Anderson

Michael Bradford

Dan Shell

Rick Jacob

Marco Weber

Tim Cocker


Attending by voice conference:


Buddy Cutts

Tom Dwelley

Rob Dallas (joined the meeting late)


Members attending:


Kenny Sandifer

Steve Lee

Kathy Lee

Curt Patterson

Clell Logan


Old Business was opened with discussion of the Whitwell LZ. Rick Jacob reported on talks with Mrs. Hudson. On the table is a lease, with purchase option, if we can meet the opportunity costs of the hay yield land under discussion. It appears the N-S fence can be eliminated once we have secured an agreement with her, and show that she is covered by our insurance. Rick talked about the idea of working with Mr. Castle and Mrs. Hudson to remove the E-W tree line between their properties to improve runway conditions in N-S winds, and the notion that we may be able to define a NE-SW landing area to the south of the traditional landing area.


Curt Patterson relayed that Mrs. Hudson had indicated some dead trees which she wanted removed from her property and suggested we might consider helping her. Tim Cocker asked about the incident where a paraglider pilot had “landed on” a fence at Mrs. Hudson’s. Rick described the actual incident and repairs.


Dan Shell having retrieved the draft minutes of the May meeting, he read the minutes aloud and a couple corrections noted, then the minutes were accepted.


James asked for further comments on the Whitwell LZ, there being none, he asks Rick Jacob, Michael Bradford and Dan Shell to serve as a liaison committee with Mrs. Hudson to explore a permanent agreement. Discussion of the scope of the project going forward overlaps discussion of the July 3-5 fundraiser in Whitwell. The town of Whitwell is going all out to promote the event, including blocking off Hudson Street.


Committee reports began with Finances. Michael reported on the May P/L, (up @$700) the cost of Mayhem (the band and the ice, since World Food Tribe handled the food, the rest being member donations) and the May expense/income breakdown.


Dan reported the May 23 Bylaws Referendum results (55% Y 45% N) and discussion followed regarding any policy changes needed in the FRP, future bylaw changes and other implications on the member application process. Rick reported that his verbal agreement with SPP regarding the existing paraglider launches expires at the end of the year and at that time he would prefer TTT take over the management of those launches. Michael raised the issue of launch safety and coordination of operations during the time SPP is still responsible for the PG sites.


Rick reported as paragliding and safety chair on the general condition of the windsocks at both sites. Clark being absent, Rick and Marco discussed the driveway at Henson and the timing of the big mow in Henson LZ to precede Team Challenge. A new bush trimmer is being used on launch and LZ sites and the condition of growth in the cleared areas of Henson LZ was discussed.


Marco Weber reported on his research, and thoughts as Awards chair. The number of awards, and general budget were discussed.


Tim Cocker reported as historian/archivist that history was relatively unchanged from the last meeting… and oh yeah, there was an historic Mayhem.


Buddy Cutts reported membership at 145. At that time there had been no applications for paragliding-only membership. Rick indicated there are a number of pilots already committing to membership but who are waiting for the board to determine if process changes are needed. None were proposed.


Dan Shell reported as PR chair regarding the upcoming July 4 parade in Dunlap. Kenny Sandifer volunteered to help with preparations, several including the Lees offered gliders for the float. The parade is the morning of July 4 (a Saturday.) The Magic Valley Fundraiser being the same weekend, it was also pointed out that depending on forecast, that event could be focused on Henson Gap as well as Whitwell… and the parade path (closes off downtown Dunlap on Rankin Avenue, the main highway.)


Kenny Sandifer indicated he was now able and willing to rejoin the board if and when a vacancy opens up. He asks that  the review of director absences continue to be undertaken at meetings.


Michael encouraged everyone to test the updated website in anticipation of deploying it to replace the old one. Signing up on the website includes integrated online waivers and payments. It is online now at Payments are not wired up yet, but testing can be done safely using fake numbers. Please record your comments, suggestions, and questions and forward to either Buddy or Michael. Once we are confident this process works as designed, and is usable for members we will move the databases over from the old website and at some point redirect visits to that site to the new site.


James polled the board regarding a July meeting and there being no objections, set the next meeting for August.

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