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TTT BOD Minutes 3/14/2015


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 March 14, 2015 Tennessee Tree Toppers Board of Directors Meeting  Minutes

Rob Dallas, El Presidente Reporting



BOD Present:  James A, Michael B, Eric C, Tim C, Buddy C, Rob D, Tom D, Eric G, Ollie G (late), Clark H (late), Bryson H, Lucas R (late), Dan S, Marco W (14)

BOD Absent: Rick J (1)

Members Present: Kurt Patterson, Jeff Laughrey, Ann Horgan, Miller Stroud


Last MM’s read aloud.  Mayhem bylaws revision roundtable discussion & party date needs to be corrected to Saturday May 23rd.

Old Business:

The March 2015 issue of Branches including the proposed Bylaws Referendum ballot and several articles from both members at large and BOD members has been collected, edited and printed out.  A fold, stuff, label & stamp work party is planned immediately after this meeting.  Branches should be ready to mail out to all active members (less members we do not have current mailing addresses for and BODers) on Monday.  119 Branches copies printed out at about $2 per copy including paper, ink, and postage.   


The TTT website will include a link to a pdf of the March 2015 issue of Branches.


An e-mail invitation to participate in the online ballot through SurveyMonkey will be sent out today or tomorrow to current members that we have e-mail addresses.


Rob will not be at Mayhem (due conflict with the Flytec Race & Rally) and asked for a volunteer to lead the roundtable discussion meeting at the Mayhem party.  Dan Shell volunteered.


Michael B recently sent out an e-mail survey to 360 current and former members how they would like to receive TTT club correspondence.  Results: 50 invalid e-mails.  Out of 85 responses to date, 4.9% prefer e-mail and printed, 95.1% preferred e-mail only.



- Cipher lock installed on the front door.  Automatic closer donated by Marco yet to be installed.

 -IP camera- Rob bought a FOSCAM  FI9821W V2 Wireless Indoor 1MP, IP Camera (Black, 720P, H.264) and is about half way through the setup learning curve. 

-Thanks to Victor for donation of a nice 19” wide format monitor to replace the ancient CRT space heater currently on the clubhouse 1st floor.  Rob to procure a swivel arm for mounting same.


Whitwell FRP: No activity


Club purchase of a wide screen monitor:  Discussion led by Michael B.  Two smaller sized wide format monitors may be a better, more manageable solution. 


Whitwell LZ: No activity

Committee Reports:

Awards: Marco discussed possibilities for Team Challenge Awards. 

Bylaws: Dan See above.

Competition: Ollie Bryson and others discussed plans for Team Challenge.  28 signed up to date. 

History: Tim- no news.

Maintenance:  Clark hurt his back about a week back.  Discussion on fresh gravel for driveway and some love for the setup area lawn (such as it is).  Notional work party in April to scrape & stain the outside of the clubhouse.

Membership: Buddy reports 134 active on the website plus one renewal in process.

Safety & Paragliding:

Social Committee: Bryson- no additional.

Treasurer: Michael reported on monthly expenses, income & net profit.  

Expenses (including USHPA insurance, Utilities, Phone/DSL, SVEC, TN Farm insurance) $768.76

Income (Team Challenge Fees, interest) 1401.99 Feb P(L) = 633.23

 PR: Dan reported on Valley Fest May 1 plans including a glider set up, tents, table talkers needed.  Similar format to last year with prizes for the first pilots to land in the field in downtown Dunlap.

New Business

Magic Valley Fundraiser benefiting the Whitwell Library is up and active culminating in a Fly-in July 4th.  Donations are matched by The Cloudbase Foundation and are easy through

Member Jeff Laughrey asked at this point if the BOD has a strategy for inclusion of paraglider pilots in the club.  Discussion.  Rob pointed out that there currently is a financial disincentive for PGers to join the TTT versus staying with the SPP.  Ollie discussed the possibility of a free flight land trust being set up for paraglider launches in the Sequatchie.  Michael pointed out that the main objective of the current proposed bylaws referendum is to get a clear mandate (or not) from the membership that the TTT mission statement should be changed to include paraglider pilots thus OKing the BOD to begin working on the details of implementation.  In other words it would be inappropriate for the BOD to work on for example, a PGer Flight Regulatory Program without first receiving a clear mandate from the membership. 

Next Meeting scheduled for April 11, 2015

Meeting adjourned 10:40am



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