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TTT BOD Minutes 5/16/2015


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Attendance: Tom Dwelley, Eric Carden, Michael Bradford, Buddy Cutts, Lucas Ridley, Rob Dallas, Ollie Gregory, Bryson Harper, Rick Jacob, Clark Harlow, James Anderson, Dan Shell, Marco Weber


member/guest: Rough patch


starts at 9:05am CST


Lucas read April’s minutes. No revisions. First and seconded to accept, passed.


Old Business


Whitwell LZ - Matt Tabor spoke with Dan Shell about the Foundation for Free Flight being possible for helping us, maybe matching our money.


SW Launch - discussion about buying the SW site if we can


Valley Fest was a success Dan reported on the spot landing winners and thanks to everyone who helped.



Committee Reports:

-       Competition: Ollie reported it’s about 50/50 hang gliders and paragliders. Discussion about promotion through video and getting top pilots to attend.

-       Social: Bryson discussed having prices of food for Team Challenge and hopes to have them by the next meeting. Bryson brought up offering sponsorship advertising for the Team Challenge t-shirts and Ollie said he’ll talk to Kip Stone. For Mayhem Bryson is donating a keg, discussion in favor of getting food trucks.

-       Safety & Paragliding: Rick - a Russian paraglider went into the trees, 911 was called to get them out of the tree, and incident report was submitted. July 4th fly-in for the Magic Valley Fundraiser. Bashams are not mowing the Whitwell LZ and needs mowing and getting windsocks replaced at church LZ and where needed.

-       Awards: Marco working on trophies

-       Maintenance: Rick fixed some bathrooms. Marco said motion sensor light fixed.

-       Membership: Buddy reported 135 active members and one expired board member Marco is paying immediately at the meeting



New Business


Michael Bradford is speaking on Mike Nash’s behalf about the referendum and Mike supports it and that Dick Heckman’s bylaws addition should be included that was presented at last meeting regarding protecting the dissolution of assets. Discussion.


Rick brought up the collective concern of how members addresses is used and obtained. Dan said he provided printed envelopes to the Lees.

Michael Bradford reported on hosting a film festival and suggests we consider it. Discussion.


Buddy brought up hot water in bathhouse and James said he told Terry Presley how to fix it and it’s resolved.


Adjourned at 10:28am CST



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