TTT BOD October 2015


Call to order by Rob at 09:10

- Attendance - Rob Dallas, Erik Grabowski, Bryson Harper, Michael Bradford, Tim

Cocker, James Anderson, Rick Jacob, Kenny Sandifer, Buddy Cutts*, Eric Carden*.

Ollie Gregory 09:17, Dan Shell 09:18, Tom Dwelley* 09:18, Marco Weber* 09:18,

Clark Harlow 10:30. (* online)


- Members present - Bill (10:04), Anne Horgan

- Motion for Erik to take over as secretary for the rest of the year by Rob, Seconded by Tim C and passed all ayes, Erik accepted

- Minutes for Sept read aloud by Rob. Accepted.


Old Business

- Vanguard account. Rob deferred to Michael B early on the process. Got stuck and

consulted with financial person. Googled organizational investment policies and

conferenced with a professional. Suggested a written investment policy for the board

to approve. Can open a small account to get the start. There can be a boilerplate

policy that we can adapt to us fairly quickly. Reasonable to expect to be able to start

with this year's contribution to the fund.

By next meeting we need a policy out to the BOD to review and vote. Michael

and Rob put together statement for review, 2nd and passed.

Bill voiced his concerns at the end of the meeting about missing opportunities

in the past and to get a fund started and board will take note.

- Branches - Looking at a 4 page issue with ballot and membership application.

Leaves 2 pages for content. Ollie has a TC input, looking for some photos. Cost of a

typical mailer and recoup from the couple of applications by paper that are received

discussed. Makes sense to keep an application in paper form on Branches.

Discussed also the use of more correspondence with the members in the

online format. As well as reaching out with mailer.

Discussed BOD nominations. Put out online who wants to serve another year.

- Weather siding on the pavilion. - Rick reported costs $1400-1600 to close in including

sliding doors on the south end. Mike will perform the labor again. Rick gave details

on what will be built. Motion to perform upgrade and offset the $1600 with donations

and 2nd, passed.

- Glider Storage - Discussed more options. No Motions.

- Mentor Program - Discussed that it is a good idea to get more people flying and

joining. Discussed the need to support the instructors and help them mentor and how

to get more HG instructors. Discussed social media connections to help.


New Business


- BOD Nominations

Rob expressed desire to step back from the BOD next year. Eric Carden also

expressed desire to step back. Tom Dwelley desire to step back as well. All

other BOD members agree to stay on. We will keep nominations open to allow

for spaces to be filled. (Weds)

Dave Hanning expressed interest in BOD (possibly)

Bill expressed willingness to serve if absolutely necessary.





- Training applications from Dave - proposed to make a student membership for those

undergoing training and pay online (to clarify membership application). When get

their P/H2 and go back in and enter on website to get full membership access. P/H1

is a USHPA number and can be used for membership use but voting will be based on

bylaws and Novice rating. Michael and Buddy will update membership application for

H/P1 training membership.

- 153 members 1 BOD renewed today.




- Triangle mowed yesterday

- Rumor of person who wants the hay in the field. If anyone know who wants it and will take it?


- Mow the full field or Bush hog by end of the year. Keep Inner triangle at shin deep

or less, runways always mowed, whole field once a year, motioned 2nd and passed.

(after much discussion)

- Ollie inquiring about a bush hog and tractor for possible self mowing.




- See financials sheet.

- Standing in good shape. We can help however we can for music on the mountain.




- April 30th valley Fest.

- July 4th

- Days of Yesterday Tractor show - Oct 17th-18th. Landing over there gets free meal.

- Rick brought up relations with business back in the valley to help with TC and other

items. Anne volunteered to help with bank relations in any way possible.




- Rick's Party 17th. $10 Donation for Band. Rick has chicken and fixings. Pot luck for

other sides/deserts. TTT supply some help with Beverages. Fun fly in and fun XC

contest for bragging rights.

- Some Tandem pilots can be here.

- Put out a social media blitz to get people here.




- Need to manage HGs at the PG launch/top landing area. Will take out a few more

trees to help in set up area and with the launch area.

- HG launch being mowed by Basham's still, but knee deep.

- USHPA notified of Midair during TC.

- Propose we hire Tree team for Mrs. Hudson to help with her trees to help in PR with

her. (Adrian and Kelly?) Put out a volunteer donation offer to help pay to keep us in

shape with our Bylaws.




- Looking for triangle tube was in the clubhouse.


Team Challenge


- Proposed dates 2016 - Late April. Specific dates to be determines by Steve Pearson

and when he can do Demo Days.

- Coordinate with WW Demo Days.

- Some names (Zippy and more) may be able to show. (Discussed paying for Zippy

and others?)

- Great Job educating even with no big names here this year (Special thanks to Mike

Barber for Skyping in). Big success for financials.

- Brought up Weekend series to keep XC flying going in the valley and track with

Leonardo. We will investigate bringing this back.


Meeting adjourned at 11:45

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