(DRAFT) TTT BOD Meeting Minutes for 9/12/2015

Erik Grabowski Reporting


Attendance: Bryson, Michael, Buddy, Kenny, Tim C., Dan, Rob, James, Erik, Eric, Tom  Dwelly, Dave Hanning (member), Robert Lee (member), Curt Patterson (member)



Absent: Rick - Out west, Ollie - on call, Marco - California


9:10 call to order by Rob

Draft August meeting minutes read aloud - 

James suggested that we want to add Galloway's phone number to the minute 423-240-8585.


Whitwell library fundraiser update: Total after matching grant was over $7000 for the Whitwell public library.


Minutes accepted after corrections & additions


Old Business:

Dan requests member stories of flights for Branches...


Rob discussed homework assignment for the BOD:  “Come up with two things that you would like to see accomplished for the TTT by the end of the year.” 

Went over ones provided online.

Discussed CD or mutual funds for TTT money (much discussion).

Motion made by Rob:  Rob and MB to open an account with Vanguard and transfer $5,000 of TTT funds into the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund.  Seconded -Clark Voted: aye unanimous.


Weather siding on pavilion: discussion

Motion: Curt will get Mike (clubhouse guy) for estimate on solid walls


Glider storage: discussion ensued


Mentor program: defer to an instructor, identify instructors in club...


Trespasser issues: discussed signage, calling the police... 


New ones

James - Parachute clinic, and he forgot the other.

Rick (via BODCon) & Kenny - Driveway, see Maint committee 

Curt- brought up an incident with locals coming by at late nights, suggested private property sign on gate.

Others: Add paraglider to logo.



Membership: 180 total on website.


Bylaws: discussion of family life membership.  Not allowed by bylaws - Dan.

MB - describes the potential new way to fill out online membership forms.  More to follow.


Maint: Gravel earmarked to share a truck with Marco next time he gets a load delivered. 


Safety & Paragliding: None


Finance: See sheet MB sent


TC: Best TC profit in a long time. 


Public Relations: Done unless directed


Social: Aris Dec 12, 2015 6:30 PM Christmas party.

Oct 17 Rick's Party combined with Octoberfest 


Old Business:

Whitwell LZ: Walker property discussed.  Discussed needed clearing area for HG landing.  MB is working on details of all.

The postage stamp sized place where Barry landed below the PG launch could possibly be opened up a bit as a PG bailout emergency LZ if we can find out who it belongs to.   Investigating.


Next meeting October 10th, 2015

Adjourned at 11:00





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