Flight Replay in Google Earth



If you fly with a GPS, it's recording a track log, or a list of coordinates for where you've been, all the time it's on. The track log can be used in a number of fun and creative ways to review, analyse, and even recreate your flights. All you need is the right software.

There are plenty of nifty programs with whizbang features for a few dollars to a few dozen. However, for no money at all (unless you have a conscience and support your shareware's authors), you can download everything necessary to relive your aerial glory, or perhaps figure out why it wasn't.

First, you'll need to get your track log into IGC format. That's the one they like to use for record claims and competitions, so there are several good programs to manage those files. One which works well for our purposes, G7toWin, you'll find linked below. Next, the IGC Flight Replay program will allow you to replay your flight from the first person pilot perspective over realistic scenery in Google Earth. The new GE imagery shows much more detail of the ridge and ramp! Just download and install the software from the links below, convert and load your track log, and you'll be reliving your Sequatchie Valley victories in no time!