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Howdy Tree Toppers,

       My name is Steve Lee and this was my 4th consecutive term as president of the Tennessee Tree Toppers. I joined the club in 1982 and have served on the BOD since 1990. I have seen pilots come and go and I know our club's history very well. I appreciate the BOD’s faith in my leadership, electing me as president. My duties are to preside at all meetings, appoint committee chairs, sign and execute all contracts with the BOD’s approval and to generally supervise the management of club affairs. I have a written agenda available at every meeting to eliminate confusion and expedite club business. These agendas are always available in the clubhouse if you’re ever interested in what your BOD is busy doing when they are not flying. The majority of the BOD are very active pilots. Our land easement project is the oldest business at hand and we hope to finalize the deal this year. Mike Nash and Dan Shell have worked hard on this project, to preserve our landing field forever.

     Buddy Cutts from Montgomery, Ala. and Eric Donaldson from Trenton, Ga. were elected onto the board for 2007. Buddy accepted the position as web site chairman and has updated, modified, and repaired our TTT web site. Eric Donaldson accepted the position as awards committee chairmen. Eric solved the mystery TTT of the year for 2000. It was a Y2K crash that caused this special member to be lost forever. Steve Larson of the Florida Ridge was voted TTT of the year 2006. The volunteer work Steve did during his visit was outstanding. This year Steve was back again and he did a fantastic job of refinishing our bath house doors. We all appreciate the enthusiastic attitudes of our newest board members Buddy and Eric. Special thanks to Steve Larson for all that he did in 2006 and 2007.

     We all enjoy reading newsletters but find content is difficult to obtain. It is the end of 2007, one of the best years in Tree Topper history. There has been a lot of action at Whitwell and this area has many of the best pilots you will find anywhere. Here is a summary of the Whitwell flights that I am aware of. And I apologize if I missed somebody. Many pilots flew numerous flights near 100 miles but I will only list their top flights of the year as there were so many.

Ollie Gregory-110 miles and a new site record.

Greg Heckman- 109 miles

David Giles-108 miles

Steve Lee- 93 miles

Kathy Lee- 86 miles

Eric Donaldson- 86 miles

James Stinnet- 72 miles

Congratulations to Ollie Gregory, the new Whitwell site record holder. Ollie flew from Whitwell, Tn. To Killen, Ala. landing 110 miles out.

Henson Gap hasn’t seen as much action as usual and here is a summary of the flights that I am aware of. I apologize again if I missed somebody.

Dave Hopkins- 135 miles and a new site record.

Stan Roberts- 94 miles

Congratulations to Dave Hopkins, the new site record holder for Henson’s Gap.

Dave flew from Henson’s Gap to Florence, Ala. landing 135 miles out.


     Ollie Gregory’s accurate weather forecasting has helped many pilots “call in sick” on the really good days. The TTT fly-mail, created by Ollie is a great asset to motivate pilots to fly. This informative chat line will tell you where the action was and will be on a daily basis. I enjoy the local news and activities far more than the international news.

     If you know of anything that would  make our club better, notify any BOD member or leave  suggestions in the membership boxes or post on fly-mail. Please support your club with dues and /or donations to one of the best causes in hang gliding today. The Tennessee Tree Toppers are the #1 club in America and there’s nothing more fun than hang gliding. Let’s go XC.


TTTPrez 2007

Steve Lee


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