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   I accepted the position as president of this wonderful club five years ago and it seems like only yesterday. My presidential duties get easier each year because of two reasons: The repetitive business that must be addressed each year and the other 14 BOD members do so much of the hard work involved. Taking care of all the clubs business would be an impossible task for one person but your elected BOD members (sometimes a little slow) always get the work completed. I make sure their duties are not forgotten and act as their own personal cattle prodder when they get stubborn and need a jolt. These volunteers are mostly driven by their love for our sport and this club, not just because it is so much fun, ha ha. The Tree Toppers had a record breaking year in 2007 and the clubs momentum is moving forward like the glide of my Atos rigid wing.

    That makes me think of our good friend, Jim Lamb, the U.S.

distributor for A.I.R. hang gliders. Jim launched 2008 in style by offering to match the donations collected to re-vamp the radial part of our world famous radial ramp. It is a very gracious offer that stimulated instant fly-mail discussion and activity. Club involvement is new and refreshingly helpful thanks to Ollie Gregory's creation of fly-mail. Club members rarely attended BOD meetings and there has been very little membership input until now. The fly-mail opened a link for all club members far and wide to get involved and it has already proven to be a great asset to the clubs operational abilities.

    The clubs land easement project was finalized after many years of hard work. Our landing field will be protected and preserved forever, thanks mostly to the hard work of Mike Nash and Dan Shell.

    The Bill Priday lawsuit against the TTT continues and the hearing should be scheduled soon. We all know it is each individuals sole responsibility to make sure he or she is hooked in before launching where ever they may be flying. The pilot is the only person to blame when this critical procedure is overlooked. This lawsuit has no merit.

    Our area has not fully recovered from the 2007 drought and if the weather pattern continues, 2008 could be dryer and even better. Look over all your gear during the cold winter months and fix any problems. I enjoy phone calls from hang gliding friends and will be glad to help you anytime. I want to keep the #1 club in America simple and keep it cheap. Leave your comments or suggestions in the membership boxes, post on fly-mail, send to our P.O. box or contact any BOD member. Spring will be here soon and I think most of you pilots will agree with me, there's nothing more fun than hang gliding.

                                              2008 Prez,

                                              Steve Lee


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