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TTT Whitwell H2 Instruction  Requirements

Tennessee Tree Topper Requirements for Instruction at Whitwell. 

(1)    The pilots and instructors must be full members in good standing of the Tree Toppers and have all the appropriate registrations and waivers signed, witnessed and mailed to the Tennessee Tree Toppers where the documents will be kept on file.

(2)   The instructors will have their flying experience and credentials as USHPA certified instructors documented in written form for the TTT committee's approval to begin instruction and documents will be kept on file.  Approved instructors must notify the TTT committee by email at TTTFlylmail or by phone of intent to instruct at our sites.

(3)   The instructors must be very experienced, individually approved by the TTT Committee/Board, will have flown Whitwell in gliders similar to what their students will be flying and have landed recently in the fields the student's are expected to use.  The instructors will be current at the TTT site to be used with flights within 2 months of instruction. 

(4)    The students will provide documentation of mastering a restricted landing field course such as that provided by LMFP before the students fly Whitwell.  The instructor must be familiar with each student's strengths, weaknesses and individual skill level.  The instructor will do the things a good instructor does such as walk the LZ with the students, discuss the challenges and dangers inherent in flying the site, and do a 'chalk talk' of the flight and landing approach for the intended field before each training flight.  Instructors must choose flight conditions appropriate to the students skill level for launch, flight and landing.  For Hang 2 students, this will generally be early morning and late afternoon flights.  

(5)    Whitwell will not be the student's second mountain site experience.  The student pilots should have mountain flying experience at more than just one mountain site to demonstrate ability to adapt to a new situation.  The student must demonstrate completion of at least 2 instructor supervised flights at Henson's including flight planning, safe launch, safe flight and appropriate approach and landing at Henson's before being cleared to train at Whitwell.   After the student pilots and instructors have demonstrated success flying at Henson's, then they may fly at Whitwell where there will be more pressure to arrive with adequate altitude to set up a good approach.          

(6)    A quarterly report of all training activity will be submitted to the TTT committee.  A full report of all accidents or incidents will be reported to the TTT safety chairman or other board members within 24 hours of occurrence via email. 

(7)    The TTT board may revoke this privilege for any student or instructor at any time for any cause or concern the board deems appropriate