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Sequatchie Skies
by Dan Shell
May 11-20, 1996

It seems like the wind's been blowing SW forever. However, the Florida gang arrived on Mother's Day weekend with cooler temps and soarable winds. There were blown launches on Saturday and Sunday. Nobody was hurt, but a review of foot-launch technique could save some aluminum for flatland flyers accustomed to towing. Maximum altitude gains Sunday were reported around 4000 feet. The wind quickly backed to its habitual direction so the travelers from south, sun, sand, and sea resorted to the Southwest Site on a couple of days. It was ridge soarable there, but a shortage of thermals allowed for less than a couple of hundred feet altitude gain.

Everybody went to Whitwell Tuesday. The right cross raised Bill Colvin's and Phil Proctor's aspirations of flying to Dunlap, but top of the lift wasn't high enough to allow the trip. Terry Presley said he saw several Hang II (Novice) pilots setting up at Whitwell. TTT pilots should know that Whitwell is a Hang III (Intermediate) site. Hang IIs are no longer allowed to fly there under any circumstances.

The forecast calls for continued SW winds Tuesday with some chance of rain Wednesday but more likely by Friday as a slow moving system approaches. The front could push through and bring NW winds before the end of the long weekend. See you in the sky!