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Sequatchie Skies
by Dan Shell
May 21, 1996

This report's from Nancy Smith.

Hello from Henson's Gap!!!

You know, sometimes you're having so much fun you just have to tell everybody you know!! Yesterday, Monday, I flew Sequatchie Valley twice, doubling my foot launch experience!

The first launch was around 3:30, and the wind was SW (they like it NW there), but it would die off for 20 seconds or so, long enough for me to run off. Barbara and Dr. Dale helped me launch. So there I am, thinking how cool it is to fly beside a mountain, and turn in toward the LZ with what I thought was plenty of altitude. It turns out the wind was quite a bit stronger than I expected and the field was further away than it looked. I squeaked in with just barely enough altitude to get turned around to face the wind. Since it was an unfamiliar field, I dropped my legs down before the 180 turn, with one hand on the down tube and one on the base tube. I found I had a lot of control this way, even though I rarely fly this way. Anyway, I kept my speed up, and everything was cool.

Clark and Dale launched me again just before sunset, so Barbara was able to film me. The wind was starting to tail but it was very light and it would die for short cycles again so I could run off. It was unbelievably beautiful and calm and I like it up here.

Maybe it'll be soarable before I go home...

Life is good.

Nancy Smith
Mountain Pilot