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Sequatchie Skies
by Dan Shell
May 20-25, 1996

Stalled fronts and SW winds seem to be the theme this spring. Storms early this week were associated with the third (at least) passage of the same system. The solstice may be three weeks away, but the wind direction, temperature, and humidity suggest full blown summer.

Nancy Smith from Florida reported soaring three hours at Lookout on Tuesday. She was able to log another forty minutes Wednesday at Henson's flying with Dave Curry, Kathy Lee, and Clark Harlow. Thursday brought light southerly winds. John Lawton and Dave Wollstien took sled runs Friday.

Saturday looked a little less hazy and cumulus were forming over the Cumberland Plateau before mid-day. By mid-afternoon they were over the middle of the valley. Ron Pasch launched first and disappointed the launch lizards with no indication of workable lift. Steve Lee demonstrated his exceptional skill in light conditions by drifting on the left cross to Hwy 111, finding a squeaky little bubble, and working it to about 400 ft over the Southwest Site. Dale McCartney was able to extend his ride by working the light stuff, but everybody else went pretty directly to the LZ. Steve left the lift to catch a ride with Dale and executed a textbook early flare to avoid an argument with the fence across the road. The Tree Toppers' Mayhem attendance was light like the lift, but Kathy Lee threw a great party anyway. Revelers enjoyed bar-b-que and fixin's from The Hickory Pit in Dunlap.

The forecast calls for southerly winds with afternoon thunderstorms, some possibly severe, associated with yet another passage of the same old system. Postfrontal, clear, and maybe even soarable Thursday. Thunderstorms return again by Saturday.