Tennessee Tree Toppers

Sequatchie Skies
by Dan Shell
July 20-21, 1996

A stalled front to the north and high pressure center to the south brought westerly winds for most of last week. Overdevelopment was common by early afternoon, but we couldn't help wondering if it was better at Lookout.

Larry Applebee and Dale McCartney turned upwind down the valley Saturday, topping out at 2500 over. Larry reported waiting forty minutes in good lift at Powell's Crossroads for Dale to catch up. Dale reported following Larry into a challenging LZ about two miles short of Marion County Airport. Ron Pasch and Ned Stelzel launched late afternoon, got over on the north face, and scratched down the ridge to the west face near Cordell's field. Ohio Hiram went in the trees below launch attempting to ridge soar in the light wind.

Larry, John Lawton, Kathy Lee, and Steve Lee got off before the thunderstorms moved in Sunday. Steve reported climbing out to 2500 over, but everybody else went more or less directly to the field. Larry said the lift was light and snaky.

The forecast calls for a slight chance of thunderstorms through Wednesday associated with the same stalled front. High pressure moving in to the north may push it through by then. Best day/night temp difference then at 25 degrees. Frontal passage should bring greater N component. Lack of it probably means continued W to SW. When you're climbin' up to cloudbase watch the color of that cu. If it turns to gray or black, stuff that bar and SHOO!