Tennessee Tree Toppers

Sequatchie Skies
by Dan Shell
August 9-10, 1996

The weather map looks like our traditional August Bermuda high is vacationing in upstate New York. The fronts still slow and stall, but seem to make it past us with pretty good frequency for high summer. They've brought plenty of rain in the last couple of weeks along with the favorite postfrontal northerly winds.

Friday cleared behind rain with Thursday's frontal passage. Cumulus were abundant and moving from the NW by mid-day, but Mark Furst reported light lift in the early afternoon. Curly Dunn reported top of the lift at approximately 2500 over. Ridge soarable conditions eventually set up, but a N cross contributed to some considerable turbulence and max climbs lowered to 500 over.

Saturday was forecast NE but was calm on launch with clouds drifting out of the E by early afternoon. Steve Lee launched to grab a thermal marked by a buzzard out front. Buzz Chalmers was also able to scratch up in the light stuff. They chased that buzzard from this bubble to that, eventually working across the valley toward town and up to cloudbase. Both landed out, but the choice was between working lift and landing in the field.

The forecast calls for northerly winds Tuesday behind rain associated with Monday's frontal passage. E veering to SE by late Wednesday. Rain returning Thursday. Postfrontal and northerly for the weekend.