Tennessee Tree Toppers

Sequatchie Skies
by Dan Shell
January 25, 1997

This last frontal passage was, as predicted, a little warmer than the last few. The NW winds with streeting cumulus coaxed several pilots out of the woodwork Saturday for the rare tolerable winter flight. High velocity and the promise of wintertime turbulence, however, kept most of us scratching our heads on the hill.

Nick Berry decided to scratch his head on a tree instead, following a favorite route for blown launches in a left cross terminating in an arboreal encounter just right of the ramp. Thanks to Kenny Sandifer for being the designated climber. Many others lent a hand and it's real nice to see how Tree Toppers pull together to help a friend in need.

Curly Dunn, Tip Rogers, and Ned Stelzel appeared to be having a great time. Curly reported moderate turbulence between the cloud streets, but otherwise pleasant. Tip was buzzing around in front of launch pretty good for a while before heading out around midafternoon, if that's any indication.

The forecast calls for temps in the 30s and 40s through the week with some chance of frozen precip Wednesday and/or Thursday. NW, cold, and soarable, if not blown out, behind the front Friday or Saturday. See you in the sky!