Tennessee Tree Toppers

Sequatchie Skies
June 7, 1999

These reports are from TTT members Lori Allen and Larry Applebee.

Lori Allen: I had a wonderful flight off of Whitwell on Sunday with my friend, Judy, and it would be been more wonderful had we not hemmed and hawed about setting up, missing the great soaring cycle that got Curly Dunn and an Exxtacy pilot up and over to Henson's. Judy and I did have a short XC flight (7 1/2 miles), but any flight in the Sequatchie Valley is beautiful.

Larry Applebee: ahhhh a great time and even better flying........... some highlights: ridge lift...light thermals... strong thermals...xc .... everything. Out and backs. Steve Lee left the valley and flew to Crossville.about 50 miles from Whitwell. 2nd from whitwell, Doc Dale (McCartney), in his $100.00 glider had the second best flight of the day to Nine Mile (north end of valley). 25 launches from Whitwell.

Others at 5000 over launch flew from launch to Buck's Knob (north of Henson's) to launch to doc dales' beautiful flight park.